Born and raised in the church, Lawrence Snells also known as CHSN (Chosen), has always been fascinated with music. CHSN learned about rap at young age and decided to rap as a hobby. Starting out with Christian Hip Hop, he wrote his own songs and performed them at his home church, Nazarene Baptist Church which he currently attends, as well as other churches when the opportunity presented itself. In high school he learned how to play the piano and as a result became a musician for his home church. He would then use his musical talents to become a beat maker and producer. As he got older, CHSN veered away from Christian Hip Hop and decided to try the secular route. He partnered up with some friends and was featured on their mixtape 'Floetic Justice" where he went by the name of "Binks". During that time, he learned from Moodswing how to produce beats and music. Together they started Owen Brown Productions also know as O.B.P. where they made a few songs and generated a nice buzz around their area due to the originality of their music. The plan was for them to start their own record label and take over the music industry, but God had other plans.

In 2013, CHSN had an encounter with God that changed his life. He cut off his secular rapping career in order to gain a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Roughly a year later, after prayer and fasting, CHSN had decided to return to the rap game, however, he would this time rap for Jesus and build a successful Christian label, which he is currently in the process of doing. He now raps at shows in the DMV area where he looks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his music. CHSN's other talents and skills include producing and audio engineering. He did the full production of his first album "Make Jesus Famous" along with many other solo songs. CHSN has worked with many artists in the DMV along with artists across the USA. He's apart of a group called "God Or Nothing" which consists of two other artist's, Quiet Storm and Godwillstrike. Together they take their individual styles and mix them together to make a powerful sound in the DMV CHH scene. CHSN's mission is edify Jesus through his production, his stands by his song "No Compromising" and adopts it as his motto for God Or Nothing Entertainment.